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Cauliflower Tortillas


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Cauliflower is an underestimated vegetable. It may smell and taste funny but it has so many uses you’d be surprised! It is healthy and it has almost zero calories. So if the words Paleo and Atkins mean something to you, just keep reading.
I am on diet or at least I try to, so I am always searching on the internet for healthy snacks with zero carbs or calories. Taste is my main priority, I want what I eat to be healthy but I need it to be tasty too. So as I was searching I found out that everybody loves cauliflower! Is it possible? Yes it is. Cauliflower crust, puree, alfredo, pizza, enchiladas, tortillas. Mmmm… Tortillas? Sounds interesting.. There is some kind of frenzy with cauliflower recipes and tortillas is the most interesting since I don’t consume bread.
I have to tell you I experimented with 6 kilos of cauliflower in order to find the perfect recipe and tell me how it goes.
With all the respect but every recipe I found had problems. In some recipes the tortillas when baked came out totally crumbled and in other recipes the tortilla was glued to the parchment paper while baking. Flipping them; mission impossible. So I experimented and found the perfect recipe for Cauliflower tortillas.
I won’t lie it’s not the most delicious snack you will ever have but its good enough to keep you full. If you combine it with lettuce, a bit of mayo and turkey it’s very tasty. You will find the recipe — here




I’ll give you an advice. Let your tortillas for one day and eat the next. They taste so much better!
With this dough just experiment!


You can make them fluffy




A bit thinner




Or you can make chips for kids



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