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Creamy leek-onion soup with chicken sausage and Parmesan


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Hello my friends, I am very happy because more and more people are getting involved in yummy-mommy and this is so exciting!!! Thank you all for your kind words!!!
Yesterday was Tsiknopempti in Greece! I don’t know how to translate it in English because it will sound ridiculous.. Smoking Thursday must be the literal translation and it doesn’t sound so bad… Well in this day all Greeks eat meat… You are going to ask yourself all the other days are meatless? Aaah no.. It’s just an excuse to eat, drink, grill and party a lot more than usual, it’s the carnival days at this time so everyone is in a celebration mood!! Everyone but me because I am stuck in my couch since I hurt my ankle! I fell in my house in front of my daughter’s eyes and thank God it’s only a muscle strain and it’s not broken!!
Anyway I am feeling a lot better and more important I can slowly walk again! That means that I can finally cook. So today, after all this food, it’s a soup day to detox ourselves.
I love leeks, I love onions and together they form the most delicious, light and detoxing soup!!!
Then I remembered that I have some chicken sausages in my refrigerator, no hesitation straight to the oven to accompany my soup, we need the protein!!




So there you go, a light and healthy combination to keep us full and satisfied.

Let’s all have a wonderful month!!!



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  1. Hoping the ankle is better Koukla!

    1. maraki

      Yes, Cheryl a lot better!! Thank you!! Filia!!

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