Oven grilled chicken


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Chicken is my favorite protein.. Since birth I detest any other meat besides beef and only when cooked by me or my mother. I am not a vegetarian and actually I have tried many times to eat pork or lamb but it’s impossible!! Oh God I laugh so much when I say to someone I don’t eat any kind of meat besides chicken.




Everyone give me THAT look and say:
You haven’t tried my cooking sweetie that’s why..
Of course I don’t insult them, I try their food hoping to like something but I always hold a napkin in my left hand and water on the other.. I leave the rest to your imagination..
I remember one summer in my husband’s cottage, his grandmother Mrs. Toula made meatballs because she was told that I don’t eat meat. So she combined two different kinds of meat to make something special for me. Oh God they were horrible.. I can smell meat from miles away. I couldn’t insult her so with every single bite I was stuffing potatoes, salad, cheese and every other food I could find. Food was coming down breathless.. What a day.. My belly was like a balloon afterwards.
So I guess you will see many chicken recipes here, bummer!




Since I don’t have a protein variety in my life I try to find different ways to cook chicken. One of the simplest recipe is the oven grilled chicken. Now you are going to wonder what the difference between grilled and baked chicken. I don’t know why but they taste different and in matters of variety it does the work.



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  1. You can not help what you do not like Maria! We love chicken in our household too and yes there are many ways to prepare chicken. There is protein in nuts and grains as well as meat! Do you like fish???

    1. maraki

      Yes Cheryl we cannot control what we like, you are right. Plus chicken is by far much healthier.. Nuts.. Yes you are right! I am always thinking of incorporating nuts in our diet because we are not used to have them in our home. Now with my 1 1/2 year old baby i start thinking healthier.Fish?? Hmm.. Not a fan unless fried. And i try to avoid frying.. Picky eater you see.. That’s why my iron levels are close to zero ;)! Love your recipe photos, told you that? ;))

    2. Thank U-Maria! When my five children were babies I made all their foods for them! I am very lucky they are wonderful eaters love fruits and veggies also. Our foods are so diverse here in America and I love creating new dishes for my family. I have Thalassemia and I am a severe Anemic-(Greek Heritage I am the only one of my siblings to have it?). No matter what iron enriched foods I consume nor iron tablets the blood disorder exists. I do not let it keep me down I keep moving right along with life.Some mild fish can be coated in crushed nuts and using olive oil pan seared (Cooks quickly) thus you have a breading/coating and fried. I myself tend to stay away from frying foods I rather bake them. I always Baked my coated chicken and it does taste like fried except not saturated in oil. Something maybe for you to consider. x koukla mou

    3. maraki

      Thalassemia..!! But of course you are going to keep up! Many Mediterranean people have similar disorders and this doesn’t mean anything! Most of my friends have anaemia and its completely manageable!!! Your suggestion with the fish is great!!I will try it!! Five kids..How do you manage Cheryl with everything you are doing! God bless you! All your recipes are delicious, with fruits and vegetables right from your garden and with variety.. Who could ask for more?? Have a nice day, I think its morning there?? Filia!!

    4. I have a large family and a lot of help with my parents and In-Laws. Everyone gets along well and lends a hand whenever needed. Its all about time management-It think I am just so use to going all the time…I am extremely organized (not anal about it or OCD) we stay on a routine during the school session-even summers we keep the gang busy (they are still young- age 11, 9, 7, fraternal twins 5). My Father owned a Restaurant for 22 years and I worked with him since age 12-as well as his older brother in his Restaurant-each taught me so much in the cooking arena. Fresh ingredients, cleanliness, customer service, cooking, baking…Etc. Mostly discipline and hard work. It takes a lot to manage ones life don’t you agree??? We have so many opportunities here in USA we are blessed! However, Maria, I never forget my roots in Crete I am indeed A very Proud Greek-American. Cheryl x

    5. maraki

      Yes Cheryl I couldn’t agree with you more! You are very blessed having a big family (twins?), your family helping but most of all as you said you are blessed with opportunities and so much more that let you not only support your family but having quality in your life, especially for your kids. Things here are tough… Having quality in my life is the most important thing, it’s difficult though with what’s happening.. Change of subject, I am getting too serious! So cooking is in your family DNA? That explains it! It’s nice to see Greek people or people with Greek origin honour Greece! They never forget their roots and that’s remarkable, you Cheryl and Kristina from Kouzounas Kitchen for example! I am more than happy to meet, even from the world wide web, such quality and warmth in people! Kali pasta as we say! Filia!

    6. Yes I do know things in Greece are a bit shaky…and scary! If my papou would not have left Chania, Crete for this Land called America who knows??? He sent home monies to keep everyone a float-he loved his extended family-my yiayia and he married in Crete they had 2 young children when he left-shortly there after yiayia and the children joined him in New Jersey. They went on to have 6 more children in the USA. The Fourth in line is my Father. SO on Sundays was a big deal in our Family to see them and boy could yiayia cook! Yum-dolmades, keftedes, on and on…There were 26 grandchildren when they passed on 8 months between losing papou at age 88 and yiayia at age 86-they’re are sorely missed everyday. As for my friend Krystina of my what a gem!!! She lives on the opposite Coast from me (3,000 miles away) but they do make airplanes-Ha! Ha! One day we will meet in person. x-koukla

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