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Chicken ball soup


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Have you ever heard of Youvarlakia? Well it’s a meatball soup with rice that smells winter!! I will share the recipe with you in the weeks to come!
This chicken ball soup was cooked by me for the first time and I used my brains in that recipe. No internet searching not anything. It’s an outcome of my continue thirst for making flavorful and less boring meals since I am on a diet, a low carb diet! Chicken ball soup is similar to Youvarlakia but with chicken meat, not beef, and riceless (is there such a word, or did I make a new one?). Of course you are free to use rice to have a complete meal.


When cooking this soup I was ready to face disaster. I was totally unsure of the outcome.
While at boil I took bravefully (another word?) a spoon and had a sip… SUCCESS!!!
Tasty as.. Everything I make ha, ha! My husband and my little daughter Mando, first time I mention her name I think, ate all my soup. It was that good. No need to repeat the recipe to make it perfect because I nailed it from start and there you go… Filia.





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    1. maraki

      You think Cheryl? Thank you! Sometimes I have an epiphany.. Ha, ha! Filia..

    2. HA-never waste a Greek’s mind! We are automatically creative Maria!!! xo

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