Crispy baked potatoes


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The word chips is very heavy to me. To all potato chip lovers you shouldn’t give the chip word unless you provide a recipe that actually worth it. I am a potato chip lover and a veggie chip lover to be. In other words I just love chips. Now you are going to tell me take a peeler and in hot olive oil, fry them and you will have chips. Yes that is the way and the result is a giant chip ball since they have the tendency to glue together. Unless you fry one by one which takes forever. It is also the unhealthy way, I want my chips baked as all the promising recipes all over the web.
Ok let’s be realistic, the exact same thing cannot be created but very similar I think they can. I have done some experimenting on my own and until now I don’t have the result I want. However, I ended up with a recipe that gives crispy potatoes slightly soft on the center and very tasty. It’s like French fries and chips combined. I am very happy with that result and I constantly make them for the whole family. They are perfect for a snack or to side your burgers.

The thing with chips or baked French fries is that all recipes have to do with the potatoes you have and your oven. That’s why many recipes fail. So after many experiments I think there are some tips I can give you for a nice result.
You need a certain kind of potato for French fries, for mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. To have a nice crispy result in the oven you need to buy potatoes suitable for frying, that are very hard and they are the ones usually have a lot of dirt around them. That’s from my experience.
The oven. How much powerful an oven is, has a lot to do in matters of cooking in general. A friend of mine has an oven that bakes a cake in 10 minutes. In 12 minutes is ash. In mine it is baked in 20-30 minutes. So you got the point.
To make crispy potatoes in your oven you must bake them in low temperature to have this blond and crispy result. A bit higher the degrees and you have brown almost burned potatoes. So I guess 90 – 110 Celsius is pretty safe. If you have an oven like my friend’s 50 Celsius degrees will be enough.
Also it has to do with how thick you cut them. I don’t cut them too thin almost transparent. I cut the 0.5-1 cm thick which has the best result so far.

Fluids. No fluids on the potatoes despite olive oil and only in the right amount. Potatoes must be completely dry when you cut them. No water at all, no lemon juice no nothing.
Distance. Line them carefully and don’t stuck them very close to each other, they will never be crispy. If you want to make more quantity it is better to place 3 full oven trays to your oven and raise the temperature a bit.
Function. Your oven must be in the air function. Only in air function you have a nice result.
While baking open once in a while your oven to release humidity.

Never bake until your potatoes are totally crispy. Always check if the center is soft. If it is remove them from the oven and let cool down for a bit. They will be perfect. If they are too crispy and you don’t consume right away you will probably need a new pair of teeth. Super crispy almost inedible.
Experiment. As with all the recipes you need to experiment to make something so specific and only if you share the same obsession with me!
As you realize to me making perfect chips is science.. Ha,ha I am sure that chip lovers appreciate it!!
Until then enjoy my crispy baked potatoes! Filia!


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