Tuna burgers with honey-lemon glaze


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I got you curious right? I don’t know what has got in me but since I started this blog I am inventing or searching and evolving recipes to share with you. Of course only recipes that I am sure I am going to cook and eat again. Taste is my main priority and always remember that the ultimate test is Mando. My little baby. If she eats it it’s a hit!

So tuna burgers, before making them, before I even opened the tuna cans I was smelling fish all over my house. I was even sure of the taste the burgers will have. Fishy, fishy, fishy.. However, I had to try them. To spice things a bit I decided to add some smoked tuna to make it tastier.
Everything was going ok and my burgers entered the oven. After 5 minutes the atmosphere was getting fishier and fishier and it was not in my imagination. Ok I will throw them away they will not be tasty, no chance of that.
Patience, I must try them.

Ok when baking, they were smelling bad and I can’t stand the fishy smell. I removed them from the oven to cool down. In the mean time I was making the honey lemon glaze still unsure if this recipe is a keeper.
Time to take a bite.. What???? Where did the fish go? What am I eating? They were incredible..
A slight smoked tuna scent and herbs. That’s all I could taste. Oh wait a minute, give me that glaze..
Delightful!!! Definitely a keeper. That glaze with these burgers make a hit!
I made some crispy baked potatoes to accompany my burgers and I couldn’t stop thinking that if I had a couple of buns, some veggies and a bit of mayo I would have the healthiest junk food in front of me.
Applause!! Filia!!


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