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The most amazing Cinnamon rolls


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I absolutely love cinnamon. I was raised with the old time classic cinnamon cookies, Goody I think is their name. Of course with our Greek rizogalo, which is a sweet treat with milk, rice and cinnamon and with many Greek traditional sweets that contain this superb spice.



My grand-grandmother Kyra Xrisanthi was from Smyrna. Her cuisine was heavy with lots of spices, olive oil and salt. I used to cook and eat such dishes and still do but with moderation. We grew old and we can’t handle! So the love for spices is in my DNA and especially for cinnamon. I use it in my cooking in general, it goes well with tomato sauce, pasta and vegetables.
So when I first heard of this recipe I had no doubt that I will be a fan. I have baked some rolls a couple of times before and they were great but this is a fantastic recipe.Again I experimented and made the perfect rolls. They are the fluffiest rolls you will ever have, they are moist and sooo incredibly soft and tender.

Look ho fluffy the dough is!

I always have in my house a jar with random nuts, powdered, because I add them in my daughter’s yogurt. So I had an epiphany and sprinkled a brave amount on top before entering the oven. Yum! Yum!! They roasted and oh my, oh my they go so well with the rolls.

This glaze.. Yes this glaze may not be thin and liquid as in most recipes, instead it is thick and creamy but as it melts over the rolls and moist them.. Heaven!! How do you prefer to glaze your rolls? Or do you prefer them without glaze? I would love to hear your ideas! Filia!



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