Happy Greek Independence Day!


It’s 25th of March and it’s a very important day for our nation! We are celebrating the start of the War for our independence in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. We were enslaved for 400 years so this celebration has a great significance. Of course the enslavement continues in another form but I promised myself that I will not mention all the political events on my site.

One thing that I must say for once is that my heart goes out to Brussels, Paris, Bataclan and to all families that lost their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers from terrorist attacks. I can’t believe that we witness such a monstrosity.

Mood change.

So 25th of March, today is the big military parade in the heart of Athens. It’s an amazing parade or at least it used to be. It makes you feel proud, singing the anthem, seeing the march.


We went to our municipality’s school parade and it was overwhelming. The last time I was there I was a part of the parade!

Now I went with my daughter! We bought her a little Greek flag and we were kindly watching the children marching until it started to rain. Every 25th of March is raining! Why is this happening?



Time to go to my mother’s house!

As you all know we Greeks correlate events and celebrations with food. This day cannot be any different so the national dish for this day is fried cod with skordalia. The cod is usually dipped into a beer batter and fried until golden brown and crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. Skordalia is a Greek sauce made with potatoes/bread, garlic and vinegar. Well it is more like mashed potatoes with garlic not exactly a sauce. Anyway it’s fantastic and you must try it sometime.

Unfortunately I stick to the promise I made myself that I will only share recipes perfected by me and fried cod is not a perfected recipe yet. Besides today we ate at my mother’s so no cooking for me!! Skordalia was fantastic with huge amounts of garlic enough to kill a dozen vampires! The code was served with the best of the best of the best’s best French fries that are only made by my mother! She is the only person I know that has the same amazing result every single time!

Skodalia aka Mashed potatoes with garlic and vinegar
THE cod
TBOTBOFTBB French fries

So after eating, drinking, eating, laughing and eating some more we overdosed ourselves and now it’s time to lay down and relax..

It was a nice day today! How was yours? Filia.


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