Meat, Rice, Soup

Giouvarlakia (Greek meatball soup)


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All time classic giouvarlakos!!

I decided to cook them one last time since winter is almost over! It’s spring!!! Giouvarlakia is a comforting soup served hot and it’s a cure on a cold winter’s day!

Of course we have an alternate recipe for summer Giouvarlakia which are actually cooked in tomato sauce and served in room temperature with plenty feta! That’s the way it goes in our family!! This recipe will come later on!


So, after soutzoukakia with rice I give you again a meatball recipe. What can I do? It happened!

I adore Giouvarlakia . When I cook them and this wonderful smell of butter, onions and parsley fills my home and steam up my windows I absolutely love it! You can have your Giouvarlakia  as a soup or with a creamier sauce depending on your taste! Either way they are delicious!!

Tell me how many times after a long day’s work on a cold winter’s day, returned home to a steamy bowl of your favorite soup passionately devouring it, with a runny nose, feeling the warmth reaching straight to your bones? This is Giouvarlakia to me!

What can we do? Good food soothes body, soul and mind! That’s the way it goes! Filia!



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