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Incredible orange-vanilla jam


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Jam… The truth is that I prefer honey instead. Unless the jam is hand made. This changes everything!! The best jam I ever ate was in Pilio in a guesthouse we visited for the weekend. Fresh blueberry jam! It was just out of this world! I must do this jam when I find some descent blueberries.


Anyway, yesterday I had some cravings and time to kill so I decided to make some cookies!! I opened my notebook, that’s where I keep all my recipes hand written, and I found a forgotten petit four cookies recipe! I love them.. Honestly I do! This kind of cookies need jam to make a cookie sandwich with jam in between. Immediately opened the fridge took 8 sweet and juicy oranges and in no time.. Bam the best orange-vanilla jam you will ever make!!


You don’t waste anything form the oranges.. Except some peels.. Such sweet smell, such an incredible flavor!!! I am sure you will love it..

This jam goes excellent with Greek yogurt! Try it sometime!! Filia!


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  1. Nice Koukla-I make a Clove-Honey Orange Jam that’s pretty good! Nice job!! x

    1. maraki

      Hi Cheryl!! Very nice the idea with cloves and honey!! Maybe the next time i will experiment!! Thank you!! Filia polla!

    2. Hi Maria, I love creating recipes such fun! Hope you have a great day! xx

    3. maraki

      You too Cheryl!! Enjoy your day! Which is just starting by the way.. Isn’t too early there? Also i started following you on twitter!!

  2. Orange and vanilla are one of my favorite combinations. This sounds lovely!

    1. maraki

      Hi Jeniffer! Yes it is a nice combination and i have an eye on your vanilla-orange cake!!!

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