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The most delicate petit fours (cookies with jam)


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Yesterday I found this recipe forgotten in my notebook. I wanted to make some cookies and I stumbled upon this fantastic recipe for petit fours.

I remember since I was a child my grandmother always had a box with petit fours, two crispy cookies with jam in between like a sandwich! Her friends visited almost every day so she always had a little something for the coffee.


Are there any foods or snacks or meals that when you see you immediately think:

“Oh not this again!?”

And when you eat them think

“It’s not so bad it’s actually pretty good”

And the next time the same thing over and over again..


Well that’s my relationship with petit fours.. As a kid of course. I didn’t appreciate the jam I always wanted praline or something. When I ate them though I was actually enjoying them! Now I love them!! These cookies are so tasty that you can eat them on their own. Imagine making a sandwich with jam! Handmade jam.. My orange-vanilla jam!! Heaven.

They never last a second day..  Oh wait now I remembered, that’s I why I forgot the recipe!! Too many cookies baked and all right in our tummies.. In one day!! No, no!! Next year again! Filia!


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