Cauliflower Kapama


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Here in Greece cauliflower has only one use. We use it only as a salad. Do be truthful since I started blogging I realized how versatile cauliflower can be. It’s amazing!
Today though starts Megali Evdomada (Great week) for us Christians. On Sunday its Easter!! So this week is time of recollection and praying! Also most Greeks, if not all, are fasting this week. No meat no dairy products, only vegetables and olive oil.

That’s why today I am sharing a recipe so simple and yet so tasty. It’s one of the two ways we Greeks have our cauliflower and it is called kapama. That means that cauliflower is stewed in tomato sauce, spices and herbs. It’s a stand-alone dish for us, served with plenty of feta cheese. This week though we serve it with fresh baked bread drizzled with olive oil and oregano.

It’s a versatile recipe because you can make mash it with a hand blender and make it a dip or even a creamy soup. Either way it’s very tasty and I think it’s the only recipe that you actually don’t taste this distinctive flavor of cauliflower that most people dislike. Give it a try and let me know!! Let’s all have a wonderful week!! Filia!!


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  1. Hi Maria, cauliflower is used so widely in US in so many recipes! Cauliflower rice, roasted, baked, steamed you name it! Happy Easter Week! Filia. x

    1. maraki

      Hi Cheryl!!! Yes i know far too many uses!! I am exploring each and every one of them!!Polla filia!!!

    2. Are they reasonably priced in Athens???

    3. maraki

      Yes you can say they are reasonably priced. Calculate 1,5 – 2 euro per kilo.Are they overpriced in Florida?

    4. No very reasonable-My produce market sells them to me for .75 cents each head less than one dollar-very good price! Not worth me growing in my garden at that price-I tend to plant things that are more expensive to purchase. xx

    5. maraki

      Wow I guess we started to think reasonable the unreasonable in Greece! Very good price, incredibly cheap. You are right Cheryl it’s not worth planting them on your garden! I am amazed with the difference!Filia!

    6. It is evident we have so many different products to Greece here in US really a plethora of products, fresh, organic, we are very fortunate indeed. My family is so use to variety and I make sure they get that daily! It may be a bit harder in Greece but your staples are always in my pantry Filia! xx

  2. I come from Sephardic family with a grandmother from Izmir-Smyrna. We use the term Kapama for a dish of fried eggplant cubes cooked in tomato sauce. I now understand the origins for the name… 🙂

    1. maraki

      That is something that I didn’t know even though my grand-grandmother was from Smyrna. We call Kalama vegetables cooked in tomato sauce with spices, specifically allspice berries, it’s good that you shared the info! Thank you very much!!

    2. That’s the fun part of blogging, to get to know so many traditions and cuisines. 🙂

    3. maraki

      You are so right!! I am new blogger and i am so excited!!

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