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Tsoureki overload


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Proceed with caution.. This blog holds no responsibility for cholesterol and blood sugar levels. By entering you acknowledge that you will witness the best tsoureki ever made manipulated by syrup, jam and hazelnut praline. LOL!!

It’s not that is a complete lie though!! Again lol!


Tsoureki, tsoureki, tsoureki.. I just made them and I am delirious!! Its Easter time and I awakened all my tsoureki skills  to take over the world. Tsoureki, for those you don’t know, is an Easter sweet bread with a distinct scent of mastiha and mahlepi.

This recipe I am sharing with you is absolutely incomparable. Tell me I am a bad cook, tell me that all my recipes are not good, I don’t care. Ok maybe I care I bit. But this recipe cannot be competed, period!! When I first started this blog I couldn’t wait for Easter to come to share this recipe with you!!

To be true a long time ago, a friend of mine told me that this recipe must remain a secret! It’s that good..


But I can’t, I must share it along with the tips and advices that will give you incredible tsourekia!!

I must warn you!!

It’s a tiring procedure. Not only physically but it’s time consuming too. It takes almost two days to make the perfect tsourekia!!

Tsoureki wants devotion, quiet, warmth, cuddles and caresses. You need to be relaxed.. No kids, no other obligations! Devotion! It’s not something that you will get it done within minutes. If you don’t have time don’t even bother. Try some other time!


You also need a strong and powerful mixer. You can of course use a simple mixer up to a point but then it’s either your hands or the mixer. I use my powerful Kenwood mixer!! It does everything!

Eventually, mixer or not you will use your hands. It’s inevitable if you want to make tsoureki with million threads. That’s the point. That’s why there is so much fuss about tsoureki, to make beautiful threads inside it. That’s what differs it from a simple bread.



Now you going to wonder where to find mahlepi or mastiha.. I did some search and that’s what I found. Just to help you out.

Don’t even think of doing tsoureki without mastiha and mahlepi. It will not be the same thing. That’s what makes them unique!

Tsoureki if made right, can last for days.. It keeps tis freshness and you can do a zillion things with it..

Savoring it as it is will do just fine but let’s turn it up a notch.


Spread it

Yes spread everything you like on tsourekia. Cut in slices and spread praline, jam, honey or whatever you like!! Enjoy with your coffee!!!




Diving tsoureki

We Greeks like to dive in in general. We like to dive bread in Greek tomato salad for example. Each person can consume 1 kilo bread simply by doing this. That’s a fact.

Biscuits, we dive biscuits everywhere, milk, chocolate milk, espresso, Greek coffee and some even in juices. Yack!

The same goes for tsoureki . Tsoureki dived in a warm cup of Greek coffee.. Pleasure!!

My personal favorite is tsoureki dived in chocolate milk. I can’t wait for Easter to wake up, make a cold chocolate milk and dive half of the tsoureki I made in!!Lol!!


Stuffed tsoureki

This is it.. That’s the best!! Stuff it.. Oh yes, stuff it my friends!! Jam and praline..!! In my recipe Ι have the complete instructions!

I make a very simple syrup to moist my tsoureki and then..Oh then… I stuff it with jam or praline and roasted grated nuts! Brave amounts of course, of everything!! I make it like a moist sandwich! Yum!!!

If you are on high roll glaze with some chocolate sauce and your heart will stop beating with each bite! Literally!!!






WoooHooo.. Chocolate overdose!!!!


Wow, I can’t wait!!!! Did I brained washed you into tsourekia?? Are you brave enough to make them?? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

Happy Easter to us all!! Good health, that’s all I wish, good health for our children and of course for all the children around the world!! Have a wonderful time!! Filia!




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