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Spanish chicken


Spanish chicken!!! Is it a Spanish recipe?  I don’t think so.. If it is though please let me know!! I don’t know who named like that and I don’t know why but what I know is that you are going to love it!!!

I was introduced to Spanish chicken by Alekos, my husbands friend! He was always talking about his famous Spanish chicken. One day he invited us home for dinner.

So, this is my recipe for Spanish chicken Maria, give it a try.. He said.


From the first bite, I was in love.. Literally..

He gave me the recipe!! I couldn’t believe the ingredients.. The simplest of them all..

Mayo, mustard, ketchup, honey and curry!! Only that!!! No way.. And in matters of time, it is ready in less than an hour! It’s so easy.. 1-2-3 boom, its ready!! How amazing is that?


I had to experiment though!! I never make a recipe without experimenting and improvising..20160524_150603_Fotor_Fotor

So here we are after four years since I was introduced to Spanish chicken, sharing it with you!!

It can’t get any better I think!!! It’s absolutely mouthwatering..

When I gather my family and friends here in my house Spanish chicken is always in the menu!

When we have a party Spanish chicken is always in the menu.

Almost once in a week Spanish chicken is our lunch and dinner!!

Kids love it!!! My daughter loves it!! Everyone loves it and everyone is asking me for the recipe!!

I realized that the simplest recipes are the greatest!!! Spanish chicken is a fine example of that!!!

So make this recipe your own and experiment. You can always add vegetables of your choice as peppers, corn and onions but as it is, it’s just perfect!!!!

It will be one of your favorite dishes I am sure!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Filia!


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  1. This looks so good! To try… definitely!

    1. yummy-mommy

      Thank you Athina for you support and your kind words!! Filia!!

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