Chicken/Poultry, Pasta, Rice

Chicken rice noodles with coconut milk and curry


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Are you a fan of Thai cuisine? If you are then this a recipe you must try!! Definitely try!!

I am a curious foodie!!! I like trying new recipes and experimenting. Chinese and Thai cuisine is very popular here in Greece and I can’t say that I’ve tried them all but I am definitely a fan.


Whenever I am in an ethic restaurant and check out the menu my eyes flash only when I read chicken, curry, coconut milk, noodles and shrimps but shrimps are kinda of irrelevant right now. Lol!! I personally think that this combination is in my top three of all time, of all cuisines and of all dishes!! As a result I rarely try something new because I order pretty much the same!!

But whoever is with me is always forced to order a different dish just to try it out!! Lol!! My poor husband!!


Lately a new take away restaurant opened in the neighborhood and it was actually voted one of the best in Athens. So we gave it a try. If you ask me I could give a thousand tries! Lol!!

Besides the fact that is indeed simply amazing and the food is tasty as heaven I always order the same thing. Chicken rice noodles with coconut and curry.. Sorry but I can’t help it. It’s just perfect!!

Then a thought came to mind… come on Maria I am sure you can make it yourself!!


The next morning I was in the supermarket buying all things needed. I have experimented with Thai and Chinese dishes in the past so I knew what to do.. And I did it!! No only I did it but the result was perfect!! Absolutely perfect!! It’s easy, it’s quick and you can improvise at will!!

Trust me when I say that it’s deliciously addictive!! Please try it and tell me what you think!! I think you will love it!!! Filia!!



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  1. Hi Maria! This dish sounds so warm and inviting! I’m also a big fan of Chinese and Thai cuisines. This looks so delicious I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks so much for the recipe!

    1. yummy-mommy

      You are a sweetheart Holly!! Thank you soo much!!!

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