Cornbread sticks


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Really know, how many of you like bread sticks? I know I do!! Whenever I walk into a bakery bread sticks are always a desire. It’s a very nice snack along with some lettuce and cheese!

Also now that is summer and we pay each weekend the beach a visit, bread sticks are always in my bag.

Bread sticks can be found in so many flavors! Sun dried tomato and basil or garlic, cheese, whole wheat with sunflower seeds, carrot and the list can go on forever! I personally use them as an appetizer with my blue cheese or Roquefort sauce.


Whenever I invite people at home appetizers of some kind are always on my table. The thing with appetizers is that they are devoured first and everyone loses their appetite.. I mean come on now… I spend so many hours in my kitchen cooking and baking and you are full just by eating appetizers? Lol! I bet the same happens to you too!!


Anyway, last time I promised myself that I will make my own bread sticks instead of buying them and that’s that exactly what I did! I personally love cornbread sticks so cornbread sticks I made!

I must say.. There are ten times better than the bakery’s. They are so tasty and fresh and they literally melt in your mouth! Ok you put some effort in but the result is rewarding!!

I know that they are very cheap and so easy to just go and buy it from the bakery but I am a huge fun of doing it yourself. I am sure you’ve got the ingredients so go and bake some now!!!! Filia!!








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