Whole grain tortillas


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I honestly love tortillas! Not because they are oh-so-delicious but because they are so versatile and healthy.

Healthy because you can find them in the whole wheat version and versatile because you can experiment with all the Mexican recipes out here!!! Don’t get me wrong I am not an expert in Mexican cuisine but I am a new and curious fan who likes to experiment!!!

All happened when a friend of mine Natasa had her bachelor in a Mexican restaurant a few months ago. She is a fan of ethnic cuisines. That night I was introduced to guacamole, chimichangas and enchiladas. I can’t believe that I haven’t tried them so long!!!


Anyway as a curious spirit I got obsessed with Mexican cuisine and I am constantly experimenting. My guacamole is heavenly perfect by now and it’s the next recipe I am posting!

Anyway tortillas and Arabic bread (pita) where always my favorites. Because they are so thin, delicate, healthy and ready to be filled with vegetables, chicken and mayo for a healthy lunch to go!!


I have tried them fried (love them but they are deadly), baked as a pizza, as a sandwich and as Dorito chips!!! I enjoy them almost every day instead of bread!

They are much cheaper to make, because I don’t know where you live but I live in Athens and whole wheat tortillas cost 5 euro and you only get 6 of them! We need 4 packages a week!!! So no, no my friends!! I make them!!!

I make tortillas for three months now and the whole family enjoys them. It may be a bit of fuss making them but trust me your effort will be rewarded!!!

Go ahead and try them!!! Filia!!!


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