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As I promised after tortillas comes guacamole. The last couple of month’s avocado is in my weekly menu! Whether it’s a guacamole, a creamy pasta sauce or simply sliced in my sandwich avocado became my new favorite fruit!

I know it has many calories and it must be consumed in moderation but the fats it contains are healthy fats. Do you know that half avocado a day can help you lose and maintain your weight? Awesome.


Apart from that it is oh so very healthy and nutritious!! Do you know that it’s good for your heart and your eyes? Some say that it even helps with fertility problems. Wow!

I can go on and on with scientific information but the main point is this! Eat avocado my friends!! And more specifically eat guacamole!!

I love guacamole!!! This creamy, rich texture of avocado in combination with salt and garlic is all I need. To be honest I think I ate my first avocado when I was 10 years old! My best friend at that time could eat a bunch of them! So when we were watching TV or listening to music and wanted a snack, we would cut an avocado in half, dive it in salt and ate it with a spoon. As simple as that!!


There are many recipes around the web for guacamole but you can definitely adjust them according to your taste. Avocado has a very rich but delicate taste. If you add too many spices this subtle avocado flavor will disappear. I want to taste avocado so everything I add is in the right amount. I don’t go too far so I use onion, tomato, salt, pepper, garlic and at times I add Greek yogurt!! I love the addition of yogurt!


So there you go an easy, simple and healthy dip to enjoy thought your day or as snack with some Doritos or crispy tortillas! To be honest my perfect trio is crispy tortillas – guacamole – French fries! I killed it know I know!! Filia!!!!

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