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What rhymes with marrows?



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Happy Wednesday!!!

Good morning to you all!!!!
The sun is shining and is so beautiful outside!!!Today is my best friend’s birthday, who also happens to be my daughter’s godmother!!!!!Georgia happy birthday!!!!Love ya!!!!
It’s almost a week since my blog is online and I am very happy about it.. Though I build it brick by brick and I am probably speaking to myself I don’t mind. You know why? Because it feels right!


Yesterday was a tiring day… So I wanted comfort food.. Delicious, heartwarming comfort food! And that’s exactly what I gave myself to! Wait a minute! Have I ever mentioned my relationship with food? Oh my God.. Addiction! I love good food! Not any food just good food cooked with lots of love!! Yeah that’s what my grandmother told me!! She used to say ‘’If you cook with love, patience, happiness and well-dressed then you’re creating magic!!! She is right!! Positive energy makes a happy meal!!! That sounded like advertising… Catchy!!

So where were we?? Ah yeah comfort food.. This dish smells Greece!! It is definitely one of the top Greek dishes. It takes some effort but the final outcome creates happy faces!! In Greek we call it kolokithakia gemista avgolemono!
Which actually is Stuffed Marrows with Egg-Lemon sauce. . Superb!!



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