It’s a pie day!



Happy Thursday!!!

Everything smell like Christmas. I can smell cookies and melomakarona (Greek Christmas treat) baking in the neighborhood!! I will make too but not yet.. They only last two days so I’ll bake them in a couple of weeks!! I must start thinking about the menu on New Year’s Eve.. Oh God one at a time I still have plenty of time (I made a rhyme)!!! We Greeks love food, we are well known for that.. But we appreciate only our cuisine.. Because it’s rich and full of flavor and because that’s all we know, we don’t need anything else!!
The last couple of years though we opened our minds to new dishes and flavors from all around the world. That’s mainly because of all the tv shows that introduced us new cultures and gave us new ideas.. So by combining a bit of Geek, Asian and Europe recipes you can either create a total catastrophe (now I remembered Taylor Swift in Bad Blood) or a miracle! I aim for the second!
I have some ideas but we’ll see…

Yesterday I didn’t have to cook!!! Yep I gained some time and went out for coffee.. The stuffed marrows filled two pots, so yesterday we ate the same!! No problem I could eat that forever!!
Another Greek complex, we never cook just for the day. No, we must cook like there is no tomorrow! No matter how much we cook it’s never enough!! No, we must cook like we are expecting.. I don’t know an army to feed?.. Yeah something like that!!
So we end up eating our food for 2-3 days and of course we share it with friends and family.. It’s in our DNA I cannot explain it in any other way!
So yesterday we ate those exquisite stuffed marrows but because of the complex I had to cook something else.. Something to accompany the fricking marrows!!! So I  made a Greek Spinach pie!! Pies is something that comes natural to us Greeks. We may be sitting with friends and suddenly end up making a pie!
As easy as that. So I did the pie!! Spinach pie with feta (Greek cheese) … Again delicious!!I have to go now, pick up my sweetheart from kindergarten! See ya!!


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