Split yellow peas


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Good morning to all of you!! The start of the week was harsh on me..  Lots of places to go, many house chores to do and pediatrician in the afternoon!!! My daughter’s baby teeth are emerging and she is not that well. A lot of whining…. A lot!!!! But as usual things will pass and everything will be a lot better!!!

Today is no different!! Many things to do again!! I used to think that staying at home and being a mom is an easy thing to do!! But no, no, no…. I think that going to work is relaxation!!! It’s actually a nice break… If you don’t experience all that then you don’t know what I am talking about!! I don’t actually have time for anything!! What I am doing here in my blog is for my peace of mind.. It’s something that I love and fills me with energy!! So I squeeze my time to do it!!


Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining I love my life, I love being a mom and I loveeee my little baby!!! I just wish I had more time!!!

So today I made something quick, tasty and nutrient!! A split peas soup!! I personally love this dish!!! I could eat split peas every single day!! I know many of you might thing I am a strange person but please give it a try!!

So off I go once again to do my chores!!! Bye!!




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