Imam Bayildi


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Good morning again everyone!! How are you?? I am quite well and you know why that is?? Because yesterday I took my beauty sleep from 10 o’clock!!! I fell asleep in the couch.. I think I slept faster than my daughter! I hate that! The only time I have to relax is in the evening and I sleep?? No, no.. Again, I hate that.. The thing is I woke up full of energy.. I woke up very early so I have already cooked and done most of my chores.. So I will take it easy for the rest of the day!
I must say today I cooked a masterpiece!! An eggplant masterpiece!! Eggplant! I don’t know, I don’t get it, it’s a strange word! Anyway, this dish has its effort but the result will reward you!! If you like onions and garlic you will love this dish. In Greece we cook it all the time and only the name reminds us that it’s not Greek at all.  Imam Bayildi is actually a Turkish dish.
When I was a child I didn’t eat eggplants and many other things! Now that I am cooking I eat all ‘’the other’’ things. Strange? Of course not. Besides the fact that I am a fantastic cook, ha-ha, I think it happens to all of us!! So recently and after this recipe I started eating eggplants! Why don’t you give it a try?




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