Hi there to all of you,

Let me guess the reason you are here….but of course food!! Yes my friends this is another cooking blog!!But let’s get things started…

My name is Maria and I am writing to you from the beautiful (?) city of Athens, Greece! I am a new mommy and very proud of my amazing one-year old daughter! As you all moms know motherhood gives you a chance to take a break from work and stay home to raise your child. This sweet ”imprisonment” in your own home can lead you straight to the psych ward!In order to avoid all that fuss most of us mommies catch up on a hobby and usually one that we are good at … As you may have guessed mine is cooking! I may not be as good as Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay but I think I can do pretty well.. In fact I bet that most of you reading right now, if not all, can do pretty well too..

I am a food lover…I love the smell of a fresh baked cake which fills my home with scents of orange and vanilla… I love the smell of roasted chicken with garlic-buttered potatoes… I love when I go  to my grandma’s house on Christmas because it smells like….HOME!

So this site is for all mommies, daughters, grandmas, granddaughters, aunts and all of us women who appreciate good food but most of all love the feeling of fulfillness when we offer a warm delicious meal to our loved ones that sooth their souls and make them smile!!

What am I hoping for? If I am lucky enough and you stumble on my site take a minute and hang out around here. Let’s create a multinational “cook book” filled with our recipes, share our little secrets, give advices to each other, exchange experiences and just chill..I cant wait!!





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  1. Maria, I have your blog listed on https://wegrazetogether.wordpress.com. Happy to have you join us. Your Blog as anyone should contain your personality-write what comes naturally! Being someone who is different I do things my way. As to answer your question on pics the whole reason for recipe submissions to TK is for my five young children. When they leave home (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) I can give to them each a binder with every recipe they grew up on. When the recipe (there are 1,358 plus already) posts I copy/print from TK, then make additional copies and place in each child’s binder by category. TK’s platform is easy for me to chronicle a virtual cookbook for them. Photo’s and the time to do that is not important as the actual recipe. I run 8 web sites plus TK (Tasty Kitchen). Yes, very busy! Been to Crete several times love it! Been to Athens and various areas through the years. Mainland Greece is very different than Crete. x

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